DMG 600-610

Power Analyzer – DMG-600-610
  • The main features include an extended power supply voltage range (100...440V AC), (120-250V DC) high measurement accuracy (±0.5% for voltage and current), expandability (using EXP modules) and LCD interactive interface for simple use. Main measurements and functions include: Voltage: phase, line and system values Current: phase values (neutral current calculated)Power: apparent, active and reactive phase and total values Power Factor per phase and total Frequency of measured voltage value HIGH-LOW-AVERAGE value functions for all measurements Maximum demand of power and current values Voltage and current asymmetry Total harmonic distortion (THD): voltage and current Energy meters for active, reactive, apparent partial and total values, per phase and system values Hour counter for programmable total and partial hours Phase active power unbalance.
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • LCD display with text in 5 languages
  • Expandability with EXP... modules
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Wide range for power supply, measurements and temperature
  • Suitable for LV, MV and HV electric systems and installations
  • Alarm and notification by flashing display
  • Optical port in front
  • Management of Power ‘maximum demand’
  • IEC degree of protection : on front IP-54; IP20 at terminals
  • Communication protocol Modbus : RTV, ASCII and TCP
  • Flush mount housing : 96 x 96mm
  • Backlight icon LCD, 72 x 46 MM
  • Voltage measurement range : 50-720V AC
  • Rated input current : 1A or 5A
  • Frequency measurement range : 45-66Hz

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