Sam 1 Application

General Characteristics

Applications - APP Sam1

Configuration and maintenance operations, often done in intolerable or awkward ambiance due to weather or noisy conditions or narrow places, are now easier to do for all Lovato Electric devices with communication interface on front, compatible with Cx02 dongle.

Indeed, tablets and smartphones with Android or iOS operating system can connect to them using the new application called Sam1 (Setting and Maintenance 1), directly downloadable from Google Play or iTunes. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to connect and switch on a PC using cables to change configurations, set up parameters or even clone device programming.

With this App, a file previously saved can be uploaded; commands can be sent; measured quantities can be read from Lovato Electric devices. The events can be viewed and saved in a text file and later copied and sent by email or to FTP servers.

Sam1 App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Users can program the controller, view alarm conditions, send commands, read measurements, download statistical data and events and send retrieved data by email.

iOS and Android compatible

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