Synergy Supervision and EMS


The software capabilities have been enhanced over a period of time and now provides comprehensive plan to monitor and control DMG and various sites.

Web based Synergy software provides supervision and energy management that provides for the monitoring and control of the electrical parameters from various meters in a simple and efficient way. Software does not require any major programming and computer knowledge since specific configuring mechanism have been developed to guide through the configuration of product networks, graphic pages, data log reports and charts, in a simple and intuitive way. It also allows access to large number of users with different access levels and authorizations.

It’s parameters can be configured through mobile application or software. Data recorded can be stored in on board data logger module in controller or can be directly recorded in software (server). The system can be configured to be monitored from multiple remote location through web based software.

Regular analysis and reporting shall not only give usefull information regarding network parameters and working of system but also help in increasing the life span of system. This shall help in resolving maintenance and network issues. Additional GSM / GPRS module can be attached for generating alarms through SMS or email.

Synergy Features
  • Serial Communication via Ethernet or modem with all systems in the field
  • Database of instantaneous values
  • Graphic pages
  • Datalog files
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Charts
  • Alarms
  • Events
  • Energy quality analysis
  • Access level management

Supervision for industry, shopping malls
  • Quality control of power grid supply
  • Consumption accounting for cost centres
  • Monitoring of machinery/production lines
  • Operation monitoring of motors
  • Operation monitoring of generating sets
  • Monitoring of P.F. Correction installations
  • Monitoring of process/environmental data (values of pressure, flow rate, temperature …)

Supervision for chains of stores
  • Monitoring of energy consumption
  • Installation diagnostics
  • Consumption report for cost centres

Supervision for Waterworks and Wells
  • Quality control of power grid supply
  • Energy accounting
  • Operation monitoring of pumps
  • Operation monitoring of generating sets
  • Monitoring of process/environmental data (values of pressure, flow rate, temperature…)
  • Monitoring of re
  • mote wells

Graphic Pages

Synergy allows to create an unlimited number of pages, to include static images and dynamic indicators of various types and easily configure them. Therefore, the user can create pages with installation overall view, synoptic and/or topographic representations of the electrical network and pages of the single electrical lines and/or applications with all detailed information. By using pushbuttons, commands can be sent to the installations, if obviously foreseen in the field devices. Page configuration permits to also interactively browse among these same pages.

The dynamic objects available are:

  • Analog instruments at 90° and 270°
  • Digital instrumentation
  • Digital instrumentation with vertical or horizontal bar graphs
  • 10-digit hour counter
  • Simple label or with dynamic image
  • Multi-measurement panel
  • Chart of single measurements
  • Harmonic status bar graph. Graphic pages

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